Best Amazing Things to do in Monastiraki, Athens

Best Amazing Things to do in Monastiraki, Athens

With so many places to see in this huge world, Monastiraki is a choice of many. And why should it not be? The beautiful location and the history associated with it, definitely makes it worth a visit. Monastiraki, Athens is well known for its flea market on one hand, and the richness of Greek civilization on the other. So, one can imagine the versatility of this place. However, visiting a place but not exactly knowing how to explore the place fully can be quite frustrating. So, here we provide a proper guide and by the end of this article, you will know what to do in Monastiraki to utilize your time and money spent in the most efficient way.

1. Museums

Monastiraki, Athens is very popular for its rich culture which dates back to incredibly old times. So, those who are interested in the history of places must not miss any of these beautiful museums. The list includes some of the world-famous museums like the Museum of Ancient Agora, Museum of Illusions, Monastic Art, Stoa Avissinias, and the list is endless. There is also a pottery museum which has a bunch of pottery collections from artists all over the world. Visiting these museums will give you a better view of the richness of their culture and traditions.

2. Greek cuisine

Are you a foodie? Well, who isn’t? When it comes to trying different cuisines, no one can resist. You are visiting a totally different country and you don’t try their street food, seems absurd, right? The Greek cuisine along with street food is something you must try and you will surely love it! One of the most popular, traditional Greek dishes includes Taramasalata served with dips like tzatziki, melitzanosalata and fava. Maiandros restaurant on Asrianou street can be a good option to savour Greek food at affordable prices. Street food stalls can be found everywhere and you must not miss that! Chocolat 56 on Ermou street has its own craze among chocolate lovers. So, you try not to miss any of these.

3. Monastiraki Flea Market

The flea market of Monastiraki is one of the most famous flea markets in the world. You can witness local residents as well as people from different parts of the world shopping here. It displays everything you could think of, for the purpose of selling. The aura of this market is very happening and lively as it is always buzzing with so many people. You can find everything here ranging from ‘I love Greece’ t-shirts to artificial ornaments, most of which is handmade. It also has second-hand items for sale. To name a few more things, you could also buy things like handmade sandals, books, musical instruments, key chains, real as well as fake antiques etc. So, you cannot afford to miss this chance!

4. Clicking Snaps

Visiting a place like Monastiraki, and not clicking pictures? Not possible! Pictures serve as memories when you want to revisit and cherish the moments of the past. Good pictures are a must. The tranquillity of this place beautified with a lovely smile on your face, and bam, you get the perfect picture clicked! Especially, in today’s world where everyone is so active on social media, posting pictures is something that cannot be resisted. Monastiraki is full of locations ideal for clicking pictures. One of the most famous tourist spots being Mount Lycabettus. It has an incredible view during the sunset and an amazing spot to get some pictures clicked.

5. Relax at your Property

Choosing the right hotel for staying purposes is also an important factor which determines how amazing your trip will be. When you come back to your room after exploring the place, you want the hotel room to be as amusing. Staying at a decent property adds up to your experience and makes your stay even more memorable. Everyone wants a tidy room, with a beautiful view to look at after waking up, in addition to an amicable and responsive room-service staff. So, you must choose your property wisely, a few of which include Athens Mansion Luxury Suites, Monastiraki Residences by Livin Urbban, Plaka hotel etc.

6. Look for Good Coffee

Starting the day with a good cup of coffee freshens up the mood and has the ability to set you up all energetic for the day. There are plenty of cafes, big and small, traditional and modern, where you can find ‘your type’ of coffee. If you want to go to a bigger and modern place, you can try coffee at 360 degrees or ZAF cafe bar. However, if you’re looking for a quiet place to have coffee, you can visit six dogs or Cafe Avissinnia. Coffees from different places carry a vibe of their own, and you must not suppress your wish to have coffee as these places are worth travelling for, even if it’s for an early morning coffee.

7. Hadrian’s Library

Hadrian’s Library is another attraction for all those tourists who love reading books and to be surrounded by them. Even if you are not a book-lover, still you can visit this library. It doesn’t carry a monotonous vibe, which is unlike what is generally thought of libraries. Hadrian’s library was created by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 132 AD. However, this library is not like any other typical library. Hadrian’s library also has music and lecture rooms, along with a lovely pool and garden in the centre of the courtyard.If not for books, you can visit this library to adore the admirable historic building.

8. Devotional Sites

Monastiraki has a variety of places where you could go and devote your time to the all-mighty. It doesn’t matter which religious beliefs you profess or follow, as Monastiraki gives you all the options. You can visit anywhere you wish or want as per your faith. These include Church of St. Mary Pantanassa located between Athinas and Mitropoleos street, Tzisdarakis Mosque in Monastiraki Square, and Temple of Hephaestus. You can visit any, or all of these and pay your devotional tributes.

9. Step on the Streets

To know about the life of local people, to embrace their culture and lifestyle, there can be no better option than stepping down into the streets and absorbing the aura they have. Adrianou Street and Ermou Street are the two most famous streets of Monastiraki that no tourist wants to refrain from visiting. These streets are full of traders wanting to sell small and cheap handmade items, including clothing attires and imitation jewellery as well. You can also relish and enjoy the local food like pork gyors, mousaka, fried calamari and so on.

10. Nightlife

Being in Monastiraki, who would like to sleep in the night, especially when the nightlife is so active and robust! There are so many cool clubs and bars where you won’t even realise how time passes. You cannot afford to skip witnessing the nightlife especially if you’re night owl. The energetic atmosphere filled with live music, dance, lights, booze and a non-tiring crowd will prove to be bliss for you. It will be like a ‘paradise in disguise’ to all the party animals out there. Bars and clubs like 360 Cocktail Bar, 7 times Nightclub, Pella Inn Rooftop Bar and others will make sure to set in your head that nights in Monastiraki are more delightful as compared to the day time.


Now that you know all about what to do, what to see, and what to eat in Monastiraki, Athens, you’re all set to book your tickets and visit the place! We hope that after reading this article, you are crystal clear, as to how to explore the location to the fullest to be truly mesmerized and satisfied, before coming back home.

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