Best amazing things to do in San Andres island

This amazing place in Colombia is very exciting for all the kind of people who loves to travel in the beachside. There are a lot of things which you can do there with your friends and family or you can even go there alone if you want. No matter what kind of behaviour you are caring, you will surely mesmerise with the beautiful view of that island. In case you are searching for the best and amazing things to do on the island, then here are some suggested things which you can do on the island to boost your mood.

Amazing things to do in San Andres island

1. Go to the Johnny Cay natural regional park

Go to the Johnny Cay natural regional park

There is a beautiful park on the island which is surrounded by the beautiful and long coconut trees which gives a mesmerising view in that place. You can go there to hang out with your loved ones and you can also put tents and enjoy your leisure time. To boost up your mood, we can also play some activities and sports there which are provided by the Island authorities. You can also enjoy a variety of foods to spark energy there.

2. Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Scuba-diving is the best and amazing options which one can opt for adventurous activities while he is roaming in the ocean world. You will get to see so much of different Species of the aquatic animals. The world under the water is as beautiful as the world about the sea. Believe me, you will not regret going for the scuba-diving. It is also an experience for the people who never seen marine life. Also, you will be provided with a professional instructor who will guide you to explore marine life.

3. Al Aquaria and Haynes cay

Al Aquaria and Haynes cay

You will get a boat ride from the island from where you can go to this place. The speciality of this place is that it has blue water which will surely mesmerise you differently. If you are a person who is fond of looking for new scenery and landscapes, then you Must visit this place. Apart from this amazing view, please please has a very popular send area where you can spend your time with your loved ones. In case you are looking for a good crowd with whom you can enjoy, then you will also be able to find many people over there.

4. Kayak through man-groves

Kayak through man-groves

This location is slightly different from the other. This place is having a tropical significance in the widely spread island. Here you can experience or explore the dense forest where you will be able to find different species of flora and fauna. If you are a researcher and want to explore the long forest like Amazon forest in the beautiful island, then you must visit this location for your own sake. You can also take your family members and children here because it is a completely safe place for you all.

5. Visit Providencia

Visit Providencia

If you’re looking for a new luxurious experience which has plenty of space to rest, then you must visit this location. Here you will be able to find luxurious rooms and accommodation to spend your time beautifully. you will be able to find all the necessary utensils in essential requirements for your daily stuff. All the hotel members and caretakers will take care of you and your family. In this way, you’ll be able to spend a beautiful and luxurious experience far from home and between the island.

6. Try the island cuisine

Try the island cuisine

If you have experienced all the other activities on the island, then you can go for a mouthwatering cuisine Where you will be able to Experience all the delicious dishes popular in the island. Many people go there to experience this mouthwatering food Andy enjoy this. Even if you are not a foodie person, you can still go there to experience some delicious and Tasty food which will not be able to find in the locality of your city. Tasting delicious and tasty food in the middle of a beautiful island is a kind of new experience which you can also share on social media and you can grab a new audience on your profile.

7. Day trip to cayo bolivar

Day trip to cayo bolivar

If you like the sunny days and don’t want to enjoy the long and dense green forest, then you Navigate your plan to this day trip. Here you will be able to experience long and widely spread beaches which are full of sunny day experience. Here you will be able to find the white sand which is so popular on this island. This is the only place which has this kind of you. It’s not very hard to reach there, you will be able to find the boats which will take you there.

8. Hire a golf cart

Hire a golf cart

The experience of the travelling city in a golf cart is also a very unique and different idea. You will be able to find the golf cart over there which are available for rent. You can hire them and take a tour of the beautiful city. You can also go out for shopping with your friends and family because there are a lot of shopping options available on the island. Many local peoples have collected a variety of garments and utensils which looks very attractive.

9. La Piscina

La Piscina

You will be charged a small nominal fee for going into this place. You can hang out in this place with your friends and family. You can also bring playing accessories with you like ball or balloons. The water level is not so deep at the initial level hence you can easily take kids with you in the water. It is like a small swimming pool or a pond in which you are enjoying your free time. Also, there are a lot of small fishes are swimming around you so you will get a new experience in the water.

10. Fishing tour

There is one more amazing thing remaining in the list. This is different from all the other things mentioned above because it has its unique resource which can be used as a transport medium. For those people who don’t like to go underwater or play in the water but they are willing to explore the water world, this activity is wonderful for them. You will be given or provided a speedboat in which you will take a long tour of beautiful oceanic view of the sea where you can also click so many amazing photographs and enjoy your time.


There are several activities and things which are amazing to do while taking a tour of the beautiful island. We have mentioned the possible activity which can be covered within time and which is safe for all the family members. You can also enjoy sports in water activities with your friends and family there.

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