Bungee Jumping in Pennsylvania (All you need to know)

Bungee jumping is a very exciting sport or activity which you can do if you are interesting. A kind of registration is needed with the state agency who manage the jumps and then only you will be able to perform this activity. At many tourist spots on high-altitude area, bungee jumping is famous to excite yourself with the adrenaline rush in your body. There is a very exciting place in Pennsylvania where you can perform this activity it a very amazing view. Here are some things which you need to know before performing this sport or activity.

10 Things you need to know for Bungee Jumping in Pennsylvania

1. Contact the Suitable operator

There are a lot of companies and agencies offering the service of Bungee jumping in Pennsylvania to provide you with a great experience and memory. You can choose the right and appropriate agency for your suitable budget end necessities. All the companies registered there are providing service from luxury to basic according to your budget. They will take proper safety of you and your essentials. They will provide you basic guide and training before the bungee jumping starts and then you will be taken to the spot where you will be experiencing the great activity of bungee jumping.

2. Choose the best spot

You will be surprised that there are around six major spots where this bungee jumping activity takes place. All the places have their beauty and attraction And that is why it is important to know about them so that you can choose the best among them according to your taste and interest. This places where is from hundred feet to 300 feet Which are surrounded by massive bridges pain boundaries to give a scenic view. These places are as follow;

-Stoney Creek at 175 ft

-Rubbles run at 229 ft

-Buffalo at 300 ft

-Ohiopyle at 110 ft

East branch Viaduct at 130 ft

-Moshannon Viaduct at 112 ft

3. Sincerely follow the safety regulations

All the agencies and companies of the bungee jumping have set up guidelines for the safety relation so that you can perform this activity safe and sound. To avoid any kind of accident or injury, they have issued some rules and key points which need to follow sincerely. It will be beneficial for you only so that you can enjoy the activity without any kind of injury. If you follow days sincerely, it will be a memorable day for you otherwise it will be a regret for you for a lifetime. So it is advisable as well as mandatory read all the instructions carefully.

4. Lead from the front

When you are about to jump from the bridge, you have to take one step forward or you have to put 1 foot in the front so that you can take a better jump. If you want to have a perfect jump then you have to follow these key role so that you can handle your jump from that height and in this way you will be able to jump in a safe position. If you jump from both the legs then you will see turbulence while jumping.

5. Jump before the countdown

When you are standing on the bridge, it is very hard to look down. In this case, you are not able to take the jam and that is why it is suggested that when the countdown is taking place, you have to jump before the countdown because it would be very hard for you to jump after the countdown. Whenever you are jumping from the bridge, one of your friends is there to do the countdown so that you will get prepared by the time to make the jump.

6. Never look down

Again this is another very important suggestion which everyone should follow was not looking down while having a jump from the bridge. If you look down, then you will face so many difficulties in jumping from that much height and if you do not jump properly then it would be an improper jump and you might face any kind of injury or cramp in your body. So to avoid such kind of injury or accidents, it is suggested that never looked down while taking a bungee jump.

7. Trust and listen to the instructor

Your instructor is the guide for the time and you have to listen carefully while taking the jam because it is very necessary to understand all the guidelines and rules which your instructor is saying to you. All the instructions or for your sake And it would help you in some or other way. If you listen to them carefully, then you Will be able to take the proper job. Many things like unfollowed your hands, dive down and 1 foot forward are necessary to take the proper jump.

8. Wear comfortable clothes

You must wear comfortable clothes because it will give you a feeling of confidence while jumping from the bridge. If your clothes are too heavy and messy, then you will face some difficulty in jumping. If the clothes are loose and comfortable, then you will be able to take a proper job with full confidence. This will also help you to enjoy the bungee jump in such a way that you will not feel any kind of difficulty.

9. Do not carry valuables

It has been seen many times that people who take bungee jump used to carry costly and expensive products in their pockets and result, they lose this product. At the time of Jump, you take a sudden jump and all the valuable things in your pocket might get out of the pocket and you will eventually lose them. So you should not put valuable things like a pocket, watch, sunglasses, pen drive, coins in your pocket to avoid such loses.

10. Read what you sign

Before you take the jump, the agencies or companies who are providing the service give you a form all the risks are mentioned and it is not their responsibility to compensate you in case of any injury or damages. Hence you need to read instructions or any kind of agreement properly so that you will not face any kind of injustice in future after the bungee jumping gets over.


This was the top 10 things which you need to keep in mind before taking a bungee jump. It is a very exciting activity which you should perform at least once in life but also you have to give this certain thing in mind to save yourself from and certain things. if you follow these things, you are all set to do the bungee jumping.

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