Best islands to visit in September

Thinking of having a vacation in the month of September? What better than could you find than a place all surrounded by water, swift wind flowing, and the best escape from the busy lives of the city. If you are still confused, then let’s make it clear that we are talking about islands. There are many types of islands, but the best of these which one can visit during September are the Caribbean, beaches, and tropical islands. In this article, we will be talking about the best islands you can visit during September-

Best Islands to visit in September


With an average of 9 hours of sunshine daily, it is a well-known island to be at. You can have fun being out there in Malta. The scenery is too good for an individual who loves to witness deep and dense forests all over the place with a mild touch of modern features. The weather conditions over the place always do remain very humid and light, so if you are a summer lover, it is the spot to be at. On the other hand, you always get an escape from the busy and hectic life of your city. The place receives an average temperature of 28-25 degree Celsius in the month of September, so you can enjoy to your fullest being over Malta.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Talking of beach islands and leaving Unawatuna, Sri Lanka, out of it could not be a worthy choice. It is one of the favorite islands with amazing beaches, especially for Asian tourists. It is a long sandy stretch, and you can see perfect weather to get a tanned and sunburned body. The water here is very gentle. It is very warm and has a completely clear bed. The rock bed on the sandy floor is very even so you can enjoy swimming and surfing. If you are looking for something for your family to enjoy, then this could be a perfect location.

Maundays Bay, Anguilla

It is one of the most premium locations to be at. It is very famous for its stunning beaches, and hence you can chill on the beach wearing a hat and enjoy the sunbath. Even the place is famous for its night beauty. If you are an admirer of the moon in its different shades, then one can witness a clear half-moon on a September night. Other than that, the place also has an effect on modern society, so you can have amazing cocktails in Maundays Bay, Anguilla. If you have kids and you are exploring a safe option for them, then this place is not a bad choice.


Hawaii is a famous location to be at. It is very amazing to have a long holiday. But most of the people don’t know that this spot is also an island. The daytime temperature at the location is 29 degrees celsius. The weather is very clear, and the summerlike environment all over Hawaii is amazing. September is the best month for being in Hawaii as you can feel pure air all over the place, and also, there are very limited people during this month, so you get space. In Hawaii, you can’t miss out on the dance and music, so it’s damn good a place to be as an island.


Tanzania is a wonderful place, and Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful islands located just on the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar is great for people who are looking for something average themed for their holiday. If you are very much interested in spending a vacation on an island but on the other hand, you also don’t want a total disconnection from the modern lifestyle; this can be the island you are looking for. Even Zanzibar is very good with some historic towns and cities, so if you are someone who loves to explore historical spots, it can be an apt place.

Reethi Rah, Maldives

The Maldives is a big attraction for every enthusiast who is looking for a long vacation at the beaches. But selecting one among the thousands of beaches this place has could be a big and tough decision. Well, we got an escape for you, and this one mentioned here is a marvelous location with beaches that are not crowded at all. On the other hand, you get everything you want from the Maldives out there.


Looking for an island that is all about crazy drinking and parties? Well, Ibiza welcomes you for this. The place is known as a spot that is too much in party life. The entire spot of Ibiza is very well known for its coastal party life. It is a heaven on earth for the people who like to go crazy on EDM beats. The month of September is not just famous for parties out there in Ibiza, but it also is very good for exploring. Even more than 7 days of the forests in Ibiza gets continuous rainfall.


Romance needs some special vibes, and Santorini is a place that can help you out with romance. People around the globe visit the place just for the sake of having a romantic photo-shoot. The location is very crowded by newlyweds during July, and hence if you want a peaceful vacation, September is the most optimal one. Even the place receives a little cold environment during that time so you can enjoy the chill with your partner.

Gouverneur, St. Barts

Speaking of this place, it is not an island that you imagine when you hear the word island. It is a small developed town now, and you can feel it once you are there. There are cars and well-maintained roads. You can see small shipping complexes, with community schools and colleges. It is just like witnessing a whole new place.


If you really are a summer lover and all you want is bright sun whenever you visit, this is the place to go for. It is the driest of all, and you won’t get a single drop of rain unless there is a chance of a hurricane or tornado. The beaches are very dry, and having a can of beer in your hand on such a spot is like experiencing the best of islands.


We have mentioned some of the best islands that you can easily visit in the month of September. All of these are great spots for perfect vacations. You can never regret visiting any of these.

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