Best Motorcycle rides routes in California

Bikes and California have a very old connection. They say that if you want to have a complete experience of California, grab your helmet and get on the best motorcycle routes in California. Even if you are a professional hiker and biker, California is the spot you can have maximum fun. The routes are challenging, and you can have adventurous rides. There are many different places in California where you can have facilities for renting a motorbike. The craze among the people for riding a bike is so much that you can find fancy bikes all around.

Here in this article, we have some of the best motorcycle ride routes in California-

Dantes View Road

The big stretch of 13 miles is one of the most attractive routes in the Californian province. It can offer you stunning views of death valley and more. The road is very well maintained. Still, you can have some rough terrain. If you are a person who is interested in challenges in bike riding, Dantes View Road is a good choice. Even if you want a ride during the night time, it is a pleasant option to go for. The biggest advantage of picking this route is its unpredictable challenges. Even the view from many high altitude points on the route is worth seeing.

Highway 74

Highway 74 is a connecting point in California if you want to have a free route for rough driving complemented by nature. If you keep driving on the east of Highway 74, you can see a long stretch of 50 miles with different features to provide. You will have to start your drive from the deep woods and trees of San Bernardino National Forest. It is a completely different experience to be there and enjoy the shade of dense trees over the track with fresh oxygen over the place. If you kept on driving, you end up on a dry sandy stretch that is close to the Indian wells.

Pacific Coast Highway 1

The beauty of Pacific Coast Highway 1 is very different and amazing than all the other highways in America. The best part about this highway is the fact that you always will get one or another thing to appreciate on parts of the track. Bikers have always loved to go for long drives over the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1. Santa Cruz has always been the best choice out there to start a ride. It gets its name from the Pacific Ocean, and hence you can always have the looks of the great Pacific Ocean.

  • Angeles Crest Highway

Are you a fan of forests and want to witness one of the most beautiful forests in the world? If so, then Angeles National Forest is the name you are searching for. The highway mentioned passes through this forest, and hence it’s more like an adventure trip rather than just traveling on your motorbike over the route. Even the forest does promote different sports and watersports out there and if you like these things you can easily achieve some fun.

Ventura County Loop

If you are going to hire a motorbike and then go for a tour of the Californian province, nothing beats up a closed loop of the Ventura. You can have many different benefits by choosing a closed country loop as you will just be riding on the outskirts of the city, seeing the best of California. Even the coastal roads are good to see and witness. All over, if you want a peaceful and sweet vocational route, you just are on the perfect one. It is a loop, so you always land on the same one after driving a certain distance.

Redwood Highway

As the name suggests, the highway is all about its Redwood distribution. The route is known as a connecting point between the city of Oregon to Leggett. The entire route has Redwood in enormous numbers, which gives the route to chase to work for one of the richest reservoirs for the great Redwood. Not just the huge trees, but one can also see the challenging ocean spreads its water along with waves all over the coastal looks.

Sierra Way to CA-190

Many times, when you are out there trekking and exploring, you don’t want simple straight and wide roads. One might want a challenging unit, and the Sierra Way to CA-190 is one of the most challenging ones available. The long way is narrow enough for just a bike to pass at many places. It is lined by deep valleys on both sides, so you never can complain about the beauty and natural significance of the route. It provides you with a choice of passing and biking through the Sequoia National Forest.

Conzelman Road, San Francisco

Most of the people who wanted to explore more of the city life of Sa Francisco took over the route. This can help you to indulge in the greater part of California out of the main city. There can be a number of things a biker can look for even before crossing the great Conzelman Road, San Francisco. The road gives a connection to the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, which in itself is a distinctive experience for anybody out there.

Montezuma Valley Road near San Diego

If you are a true hiker or a bike enthusiast, then you just cannot afford to miss the Montezuma Valley Road near San Diego? Just imagine the hard wind blowing all the way in a valley, with string and shiny so just over your head, combined up with a dusky road situation. All these are like the best biker needs, and Montezuma Valley Road provides it. Sometimes the way could be very breathtaking and challenging, so it’s for the people who like to dare. Sometimes the dips are more than 3000 feet, so one must be prepared for heavy situations, as mentioned.

Big Sur Coastline

There are very few stretches in the entire world that can provide you with a completely smooth ride with an oceanic view. Big Sur Coastline gets its name by its view, and all you see from the long route of more than 100 miles is the smooth and silent water of the ocean-facing the Coastline. Even in winters, it is very much covered with fig so you can experience this depending on the atmospheric situation.


All the mentioned routes are some of the mist favorites selected by bikers throughout the world in or near the Californian province. One can never regret choosing and having fun over these spots. All of these are adventurous and breathtaking.

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