Are you fond of music festivals? If you are, or not, this is something you definitely shouldn’t miss! Coachella is an excellent must-visit spot that you need to see this year. 

Coachella is a Californian music and art festival. This festival is the main reason crowds enjoy the famous artists, bands, and DJs of the year. It is held in spring with all the best weather like blue skies, the best music acts, and some perfect Instagram moments to capture. 

What you should know about the Coachella festival before visiting are mentioned below. 

1.You Can Join The Party

Coachella is a great party place if you are into partying. Some people who regularly go for this kind of festival mostly skip small acts for the daytime fetes in palm springs. 

These events are not always open to everybody. They are tight on their guest list. They are included in festivals just as fedoras and cut-off shorts.

Search for the poolside headquarters through checking out special Coachella weekend events at hip hotels, palm springs. For example, Instagram bait saguaro colored in the rainbow or swim club and Ace hotel. A real mid-century boho celebrates his weekend in a pool full of floaters.

The hotel’s host’s regular events are New moon yoga and dive-in movies, especially alongside Coachella bashes and Hilton Palm Springs’s pool. 

It exactly feels like a Vegas-style de club during music festivals. DJs, fist-pumping fans, and Coachella rosters change the atmosphere of the club.

2.Great Festival Means Great Traffic

Traffic will be there, regardless of your expectation. If you are not planning for camping anywhere, you can go to a Polo club or, as for all men, carpool. Coachella has thousands of attendees annually. 

You can expect a bit of traffic to get into the venue. If you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic on the way out to Coachella or Empire polo ground (Coachella) destination, you can shout plan your leave almost 2 hours before. Furthermore, also consider the time it will take to check your tickets in the massive crowd. 

3.Poor Phone Service 

As this festival is held in the middle of the desert, Coachella is well known for the horrible phone service. You can establish meeting points so that you can meet your friends periodically and you are not left all alone. 

It would help if you avoided the phone for the means of communication with your friends. You can also take a walkie talkie with you to keep your friends in touch during the festival. 

Furthermore, if you are using your phone for pictures or videos, make sure to take a charger with an extra charger or a portable charger. 

4.Hot And Brutal Weather 

For the Coachella festival, your dressing can be one of the most important things as the weather is hot and dusty in short, brutal, more than beautiful. 

Therefore wearing comfortable clothes is essential. As for most festival lovers, the sufficient concern is not wearing the right clothes as the festival is sometimes very dusty. 

Your shoes or your heel also play an equally vital role to make your festival more joyful because you have to do a lot of walks all day. And it is not impossible to enjoy the festival with uncomfortable heels or bare feet. 

You can also take a bandana (a more massive handkerchief) with you to get rid of dust and dirt on your face.

5.Protecting Your Stuff Can Be Challenging 

If you are not camping, you will find it challenging to carry your stuff all day, including extra water, jackets, purse, or any other things. 

But still, you can rent a locker at the festival ground if you don’t want to carry your stuff. These lockers can be booked before the festival online. So if you want to enjoy all day without your extra stuff, make sure to camp or book a locker at the festival. 

6.Book Your Place In Advance

Coachella is a well-known festival, and thousands of people come to enjoy it from all over the country. Therefore the hotel near the festival books very fast. 

The best camping sites are also booked in advance. If you miss a chance to make an advanced booking, you may face raising the prices over the time of the event. 

To avoid these, you can also find those looking forward to sharing accommodations; this is the best and affordable option. 

7.Take Care Of Your Belongings

Listing your keys, wallets, or your personal belongings in the festival fun is easy. Therefore you can buy a few black stickers and write your name and number on the thing you don’t want to lose. Such as your keys, wallet, or any other belonging, probably the one who finds it will give you a call. 

8.Rain Can Be A Nightmare

Your enjoyment can be ruined by the rain anytime and can be a nightmare for many people. Therefore make sure to bring an extra pair of socks and compact shawl to avoid the spongy mess. 

Moreover, it can also cool down at night, so never forget to bring your spare jacket with you. 

9.Take Your Personal Water Bottle With You

It is essential to take your water bottle with you at Coachella. This is because your festival can also be ruined by long lines an expensive food and drinks.


But fortunately, Coachella has refill stations that allow you to fill your water bottles. Besides a water bottle, you can also take a bug spray and a chapstick with you to avoid any uncertainties. 

10.Take Good Sleep 

It is a crucial part of your life and your day to take some sleep to enjoy the good times of your life. But in such festivals, it’s not easy to catch some sleep. 

Still if you don’t sleep, you will be exhausted at the end of the festival. Moreover, you will also miss the full experience of the festival. For campgrounds, you can bring some earphones or a sleeping mask to take a healthy sleep. 


This festival is the best entertainment source for millions of fans worldwide to enjoy their spring holidays. After knowing some essential facts about Coachella, we hope it would help you enjoy your festival with the full boom. 

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