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People these days are in love with food. These food lovers are so crazy about the food that they would cross the very single boundary for meeting their love. These people who love food are so crazy about this, that they have made this as their sole occupation. Therefore, it is essential to realize that people have considered food to be of high prestige for them. People have relied upon food as a source of income. 

Therefore, these days food bloggers are becoming very common. These bloggers ensure that the people around the world know about the best of the cuisines which are available in the world. These people also ensure that the best of the dishes which are available in the locality are known to the people across the globe. 

They have taken over the responsibility for themselves to ensure that they try to spread the message of flavors across the borders. They try to bring to the notice of the people across the globe the power fo the food and also let them know about the special dishes of the various places around the world. It is quite evident that the people cannot travel every country across the world, however, these food bloggers assure that they get an insight into the flavors of every continent and country. 

This blog post takes into account the topmost food bloggers who are working in the country of New York. therefore, this blog post ensures that the people in New York and the people around the world get an idea about the taste and flavors of the world. They have taken the responsibility of reporting the best food which is available in New York. These people try to share their experiences and feedback with respect to the different varieties of food which they relish, with the people of the world at large, and ensure that it is equally helpful for them. They resort to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

The best bloggers which are available in this world, that have taken over the onus of reporting the best tastes of the country of New York are as follows:

1. Rayna Greenberg

She is the most famous food blogger in New York. In addition, she also works as the curator and founder of the famous page, One Hungry Jew. She has got in herself an inspiration to work for food. This is all because of her immense love to travel the boundaries and collect useful insights about every place she travels to. She also holds qualifications in Journalism. These academic qualifications have been immensely lauded and ensured that she gives her best while writing reviews about the different cuisines, she has been trying all the way. 

Till now, she has reported about almost every kind of cuisine and the best restaurant which is situated in New York. In addition, she also has resulted in ensuring that the reviews she writes are actually useful to the people reading them. She has written about almost every subject until now. She has also used her entire experience in ensuring that the reviews she writes are sorted on the basis of the location and cuisine preferences. She is probably the best in this field since the past years. 

2. Olia Saunders

She is another food blogger in the city of New York. She is a gem as well. Olia is oriented towards running a food and lifestyle blog. She collaborated with these efforts with the help of her daughter. She has been running a blog since the year of 2012. This blog is very active over Instagram and ensures that it has many followers. In addition, she is the best blogger when it comes to getting feedback about the best confectionary items which are available in the entire country of the United States of America. She writes extensively about the subjects like best cookies, best cakes, best muffins, best chocolates, best pastries, best cream rolls, etc. She is vegan and promotes a vegan lifestyle. 

In addition to the above-mentioned pointers, she is a cook as well in her real life. She writes recipes and has many cookbooks in her name. Most of the recipes she writes upon are related to a vegan diet. She is a food photographer as well. Overall, she is doing extremely well in this occupation of being a food blogger and is earning extremely a lot.

3. Judy Kim

When it comes to knowing the best of the food photographers and food stylists, Judy tops the list of food bloggers in the city of New York in the United States of America. She has written many recipe books. In addition, she is one of the most cherished food bloggers with the maximum number of followers over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She also ensures that the blogs she writes featuring the best dishes that are available in the country of the United States of America and actually read by the people and are useful to them as well. 

She is an avid cook as well. She usually prefers writing about savory, sweet, and seasonal dishes. She also features cakes and pastries in her stories. She has the art of presenting her pictures so gracefully, that they become a treat to view them. She is such a wonderful cook that she is literally equipped with every kind of recipe you ask for. People in New York are extremely fond of her styles and the recipes, she shares over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These recipes are viewed by almost every person around the world. She earns so much from this vocation of being a food blogger. 

4. Alexa Mehraban

The famous food blog EatingNYC was started by the famous food blogger Alexa Mehraban. This was in the year of 2014 when she first started this blogging. No wonder she ever imagined that this tiny effort of featuring her efforts online would bring wonders to her in such a short span of time. These wonders have worked to such an extent that there is no looking back for Alexa now and she has ended up being the household name for every person in the famous city of New York in the United States of America. She basically focuses on the best eating hubs which are available in the city of New York.

Her work features the best restaurants and lounges which are available in New York City. She also suggests the best locations for every occasion. These usually include occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, proposals, romantic dates, parties, etc. This is extremely helpful to the people of New York in various ways. She has made every possible effort in ensuring that the best of the products are able to gather and reach out to the people at large. She earns a lot from her avocation of being a food blogger. She is extremely successful in her career. 

5. Jackie Gebel

He is another famous food blogger in the city of New York. he is very talented. He is the curator and founder of various Instagram and Facebook pages. He has also obtained his degrees and diplomas from the best hospitality management and marketing college. He is the founder and curator of the most famous American Blog which is named as NoLeftOvers. He has been successful in helping out the people from around the world by letting them know about the beauty of American Food. This blog has featured various elements like the best dishes, best cuisines, best restaurants, best dine-ins, best party halls, best banquet halls. 

He is an avid cook as well. His recipes are liked by the people from the different parts of the world. The favorite subject matter of his choice is doughnuts. He loves them the most. This is the reason that he adds them to every possible dish of his. This ensures that the people around the world who view his dishes also have developed the love for doughnuts. He is a very successful Instagrammers after all. He loves his work a lot, 


Therefore, this blog post has explained in detail the best features of the bloggers who are working in the city of New York in the country of the United States of America. Therefore, these people inspire other people as well.

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