Traveling In China Independently

If you are traveling to China for the first time, you should read these tips below, which will help you, travel safely and enjoy your journey to China. 

A trip to China is not as easy, you need to do a lot of beforehand planning before traveling. Of course, it is essential to be vigilant while traveling in a country.

1. Download a Translation app.

China is a country that still has a lot of language barriers. Only a few people in China use English as their language, making it difficult for you to communicate with people. Without communication, you won’t be able to travel easily. 

Try downloading translation apps which will convert Chinese words to English and English words to Chinese so that it becomes easy for you to at least communicate with people for necessities that you want around the country. Also make sure that this translation app or a conversion dictionary works without an internet connection too.

2. Get yourself a VPN.

While traveling in China you will surely fuss that none of your social media apps are working. China is a country that has only its social media, which is accessible to people. All your social media will get blocked once you enter China. 

There is no need to fuss that your Instagram, Google or Facebook isn’t working; you can get a VPN. This is a tunnel between you and the internet, which will help you access and connect to all the blocked social media or blocked channels that you want to visit. If you’re planning a 3 – 10 day trip to China , you should surely get yourself a VPN. It keeps you protected over the network but at the same time it tracks your IP and location.

3. Choose the correct time.

China is a very populated country with densely crowded areas. Traveling to China should not at all be done during Chinese national holidays because you would find a lot of crowds all the way around. Chinese people travel during these holidays, and you won’t even get a space to keep your foot in. Also, try to avoid travelling during summer months because the heat shall be too much for you to bear. The summer months are June, July and August which are the hottest in China.

It would help if you preferred to travel during autumn-spring months. 

These months are preferably one of the most delicate times to travel in China.

Also, remember that China is a huge country. The weather in the north may not be equal to the temperature in the south. You should give a Google weather check of that particular month for China for precisely the place you’re traveling to China

4. China is a super huge and diverse country

You should know that China is a very huge and a very diverse country. It would help if you tried to travel to places that you want to but plan them. Try traveling to different places because there is different kind of a vibe at these vibrant places. 

Do proper research on precisely what positions you have to visit. Don’t limit yourself to just one site. Try to explore as much as you can. Try to go to Shanghai, Beijing, travel to its mountains etc. China has a lot to offer you for travelling. Don’t worry because of the communication issue while traveling inside the country. It’s convenient to travel by simply booking the tickets online and taking up your train for a flight.

5. How to get a Chinese visa?

To apply for a Chinese VISA you should do the following:

  • Complete the application form by filling it up.
  • Attach a recently taken colored picture of yours
  • Get yourself a valid passport prepared
  • Collect other supporting documents
  • Submit these to the Chinese embassy or consulate which is in charge of your residence area.

 Also before visiting China Keep checking out the visa rules because these keep on changing. All your people had to get an invitation from a Chinese for example and invitation by booking a hotel in China.

6. Don’t get scammed the very first day

As soon as you get down from the airport, you will get a huge taxis line standing up to take you. But always remember to go and travel only in legal taxis. A lot of people in China scam you by taking you in their cab and charge you a hell lot of amount for dropping you at your location. 

You might feel hassled while standing in the lines of official Chinese taxis and trains , but that wait of 15 to 20 minutes , will save you from the scam that fake taxi drivers will do. You will feel so upset the very first day and you would end up paying 6 to 7 times more amount than required. Also a lot of taxi drivers males , would sometimes force you to come in their taxis , but you have to say a simple No.

7. Don’t try to do a lot of Activities Together.

A lot of people still travel in tourist groups. Sometimes you try to jump from one place to another, but just relax and take your time to travel along the streets and have your own peace. 

You also need to gather the essence of a country , which has many things to offer you. All things cannot be done together , because at the end you end up feeling really tired. You can also plan out an organized trip with resting and visiting time planned accordingly. Try to test out different cuisines and enjoy.

8. Stay Away From Scams

Some people around China approach you as college students or as normal tourist guides and will try their level best to open up with you and be your friends. These people speak fluent English and try to fool you by ; for example, asking you to accompany them to some tea house. Just say a simple No because as soon as you go with them , they are going to do a huge money scam with you. 

You will end up paying up twenty times more than required for that simple tea ceremony. If you really want to enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony, just simply ask your hotel staff who would help you book your tickets for the same. Don’t even say yes to anyone for anything. Stay away from these scams in China that happen at a lot especially at tourist places.

9. Try Chinese Street Food / Cuisines

One of the Best Things about China is their mouth-watering street food and amazing cuisines. Don’t feel afraid to try out Chinese street food because it is really yummy and you should test it out. 

Try out Chinese restaurants which are huge and the ones that are on the streets too. There are a huge number of restaurants all around China ranging from very high standard to local ones. You will find people selling noodles or dumplings everywhere in China.

10. Carry a Sanitizer / Soap / Tissue

While traveling in China you should have a sanitizer , a soap and a tissue along with you because a lot of washrooms in China do not have all of them available . In order to keep yourself clean and hygienic, you should surely have these basic necessities while traveling.

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