What is Thailand Famous For?

What Is Thailand Most Famous For?

Often titled as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The number of travelers in Thailand is increasing every year. Be it the picturesque beaches, delicious Thai Food, cultural festivals, or ancient temples, Thailand has all that you can ask for as a curious traveler. Are you still wondering why you should include Thailand in your travel bucket list?

Here are the reasons that make Thailand unique and famous among all the countries in the world. 

Buddhist Culture And A Rich History

The history of Thailand dates back to 20000 years ago during the ancient Paleolithic era when the Thai kingdoms first came into existence. After the establishment of the Sukhothai kingdom, Thailand flourished extensively from the 10th to 14 centuries. Today, you will see the rule of the Chakri dynasty in this beautiful country. The Kingdom of Thailand still carries its royal legacy and you will be amazed to experience the magnificence that this country offers. 

The majority of Thai people follow Buddhism, therefore, you can consider Thailand as a hub of Buddhist faith and culture. The monks, monuments, and monasteries in Thailand’s Chiang Mai express the deep-rooted Buddhist culture of this country. Also, here, you will come across many rituals related to the Buddhist faith. Chiang Mai is a must-visit if you want to take a glimpse of Buddhist Life in Thailand.  

Ancient Temples Of Thailand 

Thailand is perhaps the only country in the world that has more than 40000 Buddhist temples. Wherever you go in Thailand, you will discover gorgeous pagodas, religious shrines, and ancient temples that embody the Buddhist culture of this land. The temples are built during the rule of different dynasties and their architectural style signifies their eras of construction. Although each province in Thailand contains an equal number of temples, the grandest and magnificent ones are located in the Thai capital of Bangkok. The Grand Place of Bangkok, Chiang Mai’s Wat Chedi Luang Varaihara, and Temple Of Emerald Buddha are some of the most unique Buddhist temples that you can visit in Thailand. 

Breathtaking Sea Beaches

The coastline of Thailand is stretched over 1500 miles and it adds to the breathtaking sea beaches in the country. Coral shells and white sand are the primary attractions of Thai beaches. Popular sea beaches such as Jomtien Beach in Pattaya and   Bang Saen in Chonburi have emerged as great tourist spots in the past years. Also, you can spend a peaceful vacation in places like Phuket’s Freedom beach and Koh Samui’s Lamai. The tropical sun and blue sea of Thailand can take all your stress away and offer you beautiful moments to cherish. 

Grand Thai Festivals 

You can always experience a festive mood in Thailand as temple grounds are always celebrating various kinds of festivals. The lunar calendar decides the timing of these festivals. Loy Krathong or the Light Festival is one of the most significant festivals of this country which takes place every year on the full moon night of November. During this festival, flowers and candles are used to decorate lotus-shaped baskets and then Thai people sail these ornamented baskets into the river. If you want to participate in this festival, then Bangkok or Chiang Mai will be the perfect places to observe the grandeur of this beautiful festival. Another important festival that has been an integral part of the Thai culture is Songkran or the Thai new year. 

This festival is celebrated in April signifies the rejuvenation of life according to the Buddhist faith. Even water fights are arranged in this three days long festival where the Thai people sing and dance while completely steeping themselves into the water. 

The natives of Thailand love to enjoy their lives to the fullest and if you come here, you can be a part of this celebration too. 

Delicious Thai Cuisine  

Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Even in Thailand, the style of cooking varies from one region to other religions of the country. The street food in Thailand attracts food lovers from all over the world. 

Ingredients like coconut milk, kaffir lemon leaves, galangal, lemongrass are dominantly used to prepare Thai dishes. These special elements give a distinct and satisfying flavor to Thai food. A famous Thai dish called Tom Yung Goong is a spicy red soup that uses shrimp and lemongrass as the main ingredients for cooking. 

Another delicious preparation, Pad Thai is cooked with miscellaneous ingredients including stir-fried rice noodles, eggs, fish sauce, tamarind pulp, tofu, and seafood. A delicious Thai salad Som Tam, which was born in Laos, consists of sour lime, hot chili sauce, green papaya, fish sauce, and palm sugar. Also, the cost of food is quite reasonable in Thailand where you can have a hearty meal for between $5 to $15.

Bangkok, The Capital City Of Thailand 

The Thai capital of Bangkok has more than 8 million citizens which makes it one of the greatest and most vibrant cities in the world. Usually, on a trip to Thailand, travelers prefer to spend their time in Bangkok first. Even the people who travel to Southeast Asia, keep Bangkok in their bucket lists. Be it a stroll in the colorful Amulet market or a visit to the Emerald Buddha or Grand Place, you will have a permanent place for Bangkok in your travel diaries.  

Diverse Wildlife Of Thailand 

Thailand offers a safe shelter to more than 10% of wild animals in the world because the country has 25% forest cover out of the entire landmass. In these forests, more than 285 species of mammal have found their home which includes tigers, elephants, leopards, deers, Malaysian sun bears, monkeys, etc. 

Among the 147 national parks located in this country, the Khao Sok National Park is the most ideal place to observe various types of birds. Situated at a distance of 200 km from Thailand’s capital Bangkok, the Khao Yai National Park preserves tigers, gibbons, elephants, porcupines, etc. Besides observing the wild animals, you can have a safari experience or do a bit of hiking in this vast national park. 

It is important to be responsible as a tourist while visiting these national parks so that you don’t end up harming or causing disturbance to these innocent animals. 

There cannot be a more exotic place in South East Asia than Thailand where you relax and enjoy the grand taste of life under the tropical sun. Thailand is a perfect package of fun, culture, food, excitement, and serenity that you would not like to miss out on. So, make sure you visit this beautiful kingdom once to experience life at its best.  

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