Who Eats The Most Pizza In The World?

Who Eats The Most Pizza In The World?

Pizza, what is not to like about this delicious and mouthwatering food? It was introduced to the world by the Italians in 1600 and since then, it has created a special place in the hearts and taste buds of people all across the world. The topping varies from mozzarella to pineapple. 

Recently, frozen pizzas have also created a stir because you just need to heat it up and satisfy your hunger.  The pizza industry all over the world generates a revenue of more than $30 billion annually.  With its addictive taste, pizza has acquired immense popularity in western as well as countries. The following lists give you the top seven countries that have become pizza freaks and consume the most pizza in the world. 

1. Norway 

This country is not only known for its Norwegian cuisines like potato cod or Molje but it has the greatest per capita consumption of pizzas in the world. The per-person ratio of consumption is very high. Around 11 lbs of pizza are eaten annually over here. Grandiosa is the most popular pizza available in Norway. It comes in fresh as well frozen form.  Its speciality lies in incorporating the taste of local cuisines. You certainly can’t miss the home-baked varieties commonly known as Saturday pizza.  Norway has a population count of  5.5 million and the number of frozen pizzas that are sold annually is over 50 million.

2. The United States  

USA acquires the second rank on this list because of its huge consumption of pizza just after Norway.  The state is regarded as the boss of the fast-food market.  Amongst the mouth-watering items, pizza is the highest sold variety. 350 slices of pizza are consumed per second by most of its population. Annually the consumption rate is nearly 13 kg and the per day count is 30 million!!  pizzas of the  USA vary in their size and toppings. Neapolitan Pizza, a popular variety is made of wheat with a crunchy crust and a base of buffalo cheese, basil and tomato sauce.

3. United Kingdom

It’s better to say that the UK is obsessed with Pizza. The annual consumption is 4kg and on an average, an English person consumes 1 full-sized pizza in an interval of 10 days.  Take out services are available all over England. The world-famous town of Oxford tops all other towns in England for their rate of pizza consumption.  At least, 49 per cent of the population of Oxford consumes pizza per week. London, Liverpool and Glasgow also have the highest consumption.  The pizza dough varies from scones to stuffed crusts.  The take away gives its customers various options like pepperoni, meat feast  Hawaiian and street-styled pizzas. The  United Kingdom is literally a paradise for pizza lovers.

4. Germany 

The pizza industry of Germany has an annual turnover of 1.3 billion. The fast-food chain of Pizza Hut contributes a lot to this turnover. Annual consumption is roughly 4.2 kg, which is a lot.  The German pizza tastes incredible with its delicious toppings and cheesy crusts.  The consumption rate of frozen pizzas are. According to a  survey, half of the population of Germany consumed frozen pizzas many times in a one week period. The most popular topping of Pizza in Germany is canned tuna.  It is quite weird though. The other toppings include different types of vegetables. Well, such a huge consumption of pizza proves that Germans are gourmands.

5. Italy 

The consumption of Pizza in Italy is 3 billion annually. There are at least 42,000 pizzerias that provide pizzas to its customers and also have a huge employment generation. However, it may surprise you why Italy –  the inventor country of Pizza- acquires the 5th rank in the list.  This is because the recipe of Italian pizza-making shifted to  America due to the migration of Europeans.  However, most traditional recipes are still preserved in Italy. It became globalized from here.   Wide varieties like Margarita, Marinara, Alla Napoletana, Pugliese and  Veronese pizza are available in Italy.  The toppings include anchovies, mushrooms, olives, seafood, artichokes and several others.  Most of the restaurants are pizzerias and the highest consumed variety is Margarita. 

6. Russia

Well it’s all the magic of globalisation. Pizza has become quite popular in Germany. With the passing time, the number of pizzerias has increased in Germany. The total count is 457.  Other than Pizza hut which is famous in Moscow, Dodo pizza has also developed its chain with the modern technology of delivery by drone. Russians are comrades by heart. Other than indulging in vodka, they also savour slices of pizza from time to time. The traditional pizza toppings include caviar, dili, tuna and salmon. The best pizza available in Russia is known as Mockba which contains some unique toppings like Red herring, mackerel and sardines. 

7. France  

The Annual turnover of the pizza industry in France is 700 million on an annual basis. It acquires the third rank for the highest consumption of pizza amongst the European countries. Cheese is the most favoured ingredient in French pizza. The pizza consumption is 5 kg on an annual basis. It is slightly lesser than Italians and Canadians.  If you roam around France, then you will find pizza joints, pizzerias at every nook and corner of the streets.  The favourite variety of the French people are Reine with toppings that include mushrooms, cheese and ham. Another most ordered takeaway variety is the Margarita. The takeaway nearly accounts for 84 per cent of the total order. Pizza is the most popular comfort food of France


Adding pizzas into your regular diet is not at all good for health, but people cannot stop eating them because of their delicious taste.  With more than 13,000 pizza joints the USA is the largest purveyor.  If you are visiting one of these above-mentioned countries, then don’t forget to visit the pizza joints  and savour their delectable recipes.  Pizza is also known to be eaten as comfort food to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.  Not only in joints and parlour, but pizza is also a popular food item in most households. A small bite would lure you into eating more.

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