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Welcome to our travel website. This is a website where you can write travel blogs for different destinations. You can find many websites on the internet that deal with travel blogs and they have different writing styles. 

In our website, you can write informative blogs for various destinations. Currently, we are dealing with the places in Canada, the United States, and Europe. In future, we will deal with the destinations in other countries. Some of these destinations are listed here

Countries of Which We accept Guest Post


·         California

·         New England

·         Montana

·         Massachusetts

·         USA National Parks

·         New York City

·         Tennessee

·         Kentucky

·         Indiana

·         Ohio

·         Georgia

·         Florida

·         Louisiana

·         The West (UT, NM, NV, CO, all of it)

·         Minnesota

·         The Pacific Northwest

·         San Francisco

·         The Grand Canyon

·         Las Vegas

·         Houston


·         Italy

·         Belgium

·         The Netherlands

·         Denmark

·         The UK

·         Norway

·         Spain

·         Germany

·         Austria

·         France

·         Czech Republic

·         Greece

·         Georgia

·         Austria

·         Portugal

What topics we accept for guest post

There are many types of posts that people can write in their travel blogs. Some of them are as follows.

Day trips

You can write about day trips as there are many travellers who come to visit a place for a day and then they move to other place for tourism and enjoyments.

Road trips

Road trip is another option that people like to read the most. They also want to have a practical experience about it so they can go on a long drive to a place and visit it.

Weekend trips

You can write about weakened trips which can be arranged in summer or winter. In summers, people can go to any hill station while in winters, people can go to the places having snowfall or any other such thing.

Scenic drives

Scenic drive is another good thing where you can mention about hill stations where people can see sceneries, water falls, and other things. It is better to talk about the hill stations that are nearby a city.

Train rides

Train rides can also be adventurous as trains move through plains, hills, rivers, and people can enjoy the scenic beauty of the journey. You can write about short and long journeys that can be done by train.

Trips with pets

Many people have pets and they like to carry them on short and long journey. It is better to take them in private vehicles as pets may or may not be allowed in public transport like trains, buses, airplanes, etc.

Public transport

Many people go for vacation but they do not have private vehicles. So they have to take public transport  to enjoy their tour. You can talk about different options of public transport for a particular place.

Seasonal travel guides

In these types of travel guides, you can mention the trips that can be arranged in summer, monsoon and winter. Monsoon season is good for seeing falls while winter season is good for snowfall. Summer season can be enjoyed on sea beeches and all these things can be included in the blog.

Local guide

This guide is good for local people who can roam around the place where they live. Here you can talk about public and private transport along with the places that can be visited within and nearby the place.

Food and drinks

Here you can talk about the foods and drinks that are popular in a particular area. You can also talk about food culture and recipes of various foods and drinks.

Things to Follow While writing article

There are many things that people have to follow while writing a travel blog. Some of these things are as follows.

A lot of information should be included in the article

A travel blog should consist of a particular topic like the type of trips, any destination, and other things. You have to choose a particular topic and give the information accordingly. The article should be long enough so that the reader gets most of the information.

Special things about a destination

When you are talking about a destination, talk about everything like places to visit, food culture, history of the destination, history of monuments, things to see in a particular monument, and many other things. You can also write about the favorite recipes that people of that place like.

Take a keyword and write the content relating to it

You need to take a keyword and then write the content relating to that keyword. If you are talking about a particular monument, write everything related to it. If the keyword is a popular destination, then the blog should include all the information regarding the destination.

Personal experience should not be included

When you want to write a post, do not write about your personal experience regarding a destination. Readers do not like to go through such posts.

Length of the post

The length of the post should be more than 2000 words as it includes all the information. A short article with only a little information will not be sufficient for a travel guest post.

Links to other site

You should provide links to other sites so that people can visit them to get more information about a particular topic. Five to six links are enough for a post of 2000 words.

Pictures and images

You need to include images in your post. In such a case, the resolution of the image should be high. If needed, you can edit the image and resize it so that it become relevant for your content

FAQ session

You may have several questions regarding the guest posts and some of them are discussed here.

How to Submit Guest Articles?

You can submit your guest article on our website innercitytravel.com and for that you can email us serptrustmarketing@gmail.com and we will reply within 24 hours of your email. 

H2: What will be the word count of an article?

We do not accept posts with less word count. The length of a post should be of 1200 words or more.

Can I insert a backlink of my website in that article?

Yes, you can put your website as a reference or embed your site link but make sure that it should be naturally embedded. 

What should be done about images?

You need to edit them a little and resize them so that they look good in your blog and meet our requirements.

Our Aim

There are many travel blogs on the internet and they are written in different styles. Some are very short and some are long. Our aim is to provide relevant information to the tourists who want to visit different parts of the world. The quality of the content will be high and informative. As our clients do not like any promotion, so if the blog is written to promote anything, it will not be accepted.

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